Training Tilt integrates with both Intercom, ConvertKit and Drip. Interested in awesome customer engagement, onboarding and communication? then go and check them out. Intercom integration is not available on all our plans but Drip and ConvertKit is available from Standard and above. Checkout our plans for more info


The Intercom messenger can be fully integrated into your Training Tilt site. We handle all the heavy lifting. All we need to set it up for you is your intercom appId and applicationKey.


As your members interact with the Training Tilt platform we send information about those interactions (Events) to your intercom site or your Drip account. This allows you to personalize your messages too them based on their behaviour. For example if they have created a goal in your Training Tilt platform like "Break 1:30 for a half marathon" then they mark that goal as being achieved we send that event to Intercom or Drip where you can set up and automatic message. for example "Hey steve, congratulations on achieving your goal, what's up for you next?"

A full list of the events we send through our integrations.


We also send tags through to Intercom and Drip. Tags are a way of attributing key information about users. You can use the tags to group users together or to trigger messages. For example if a user ever creates a Goal we tag them with tt-has-goals. 

A full list of the tags we send through our integrations.

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