I just wanted to again let you know we've been focusing all our time over the last 48 hours or so focused on fixing the issues with performance with the system.

Currently the servers are stable 80-90% of the time but at 3-4 times a day reach their resource limits and the performance deteriorates rapidly and the site becomes temporarily unusable.

We are mitigating this by having a server up and ready that we swap out and then reboot the original offline.

This is just a temporary measure to keep things running as smoothly as possible while we continue to work on the root cause of the issue.

I'm so sorry for the inconvenience this causes to your businesses and your clients, this is my number one priority.

I'd love to give you an ETA on when it will be sorted for good but at this stage we are just taking one step at a time to move forward.

Overnight we will triple the capacity of the servers to mitigate any issues.

Thanks for your patience, I know how frustrating it must be.

From now on I will be doing 3 updates per day over on our change log.

So for latest details please visit that page here http://support.trainingtilt.com/change-log

You are welcome to email me for updates but I'm only checking my emails intermittently as my focus is working through the issues. If you do email me it would be great to include as much information about the issues you having, like when they started/stopped, what you were doing at the time and what the symptoms were.

Thanks for your patience and trust

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