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Shifting training plan sessions between dates
Shifting training plan sessions between dates

How to shift batches of training sessions around your calendar

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This functionality will make it easier to shift a Training Plan or a batch of sessions for an athlete if a Training Plan was applied using the wrong start of end dates. This is available both for a coach and also for an athlete to shift their own plan or sessions.

Open an Athletes Training Plan by clicking "Calendar View" from the Dashboard

Click the "Shift Dates" Button at the bottom of the plan

Choose a date to shift the plan to. You can choose whether you want this to be the new start date or the new end date. If a start date then the sessions will be shifted to start at this date. If you choose to shift using an end date the the sessions will now end at the the new date.

Chose the range of dates that you want to shift the sessions from. All sessions from the date range will be shifted to the new start or end date.
Warning: Any existing sessions within the NEW date range will NOT be removed (Not including the ones you are shifting). If you want to remove those sessions please delete them first before shifting.
The example below will shift all the sessions within the selected 4 week period to start one week later. The result will be that 4 weeks of sessions will be shifted 1 week later.

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