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Using the training plan tools
Using the training plan tools

General help on using the athlete dashboard and the training calendar

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Some helpful tips when building, maintaining and adding feedback to sessions and plans

The Calendar View

You can get to the calendar view by clicking on the "My Schedule" menu item

Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop sessions around the plan by using the left click with the mouse then hold and drag it to where you want it to be, when the position you want to drop it changes color slightly just let go of the mouse button.

Copy and Paste

You can also copy and paste items. Click on the the menu icon on a session and select "copy" then click on the same icon on a day and select "paste"

You can also select "paste before" or paste after" on an existing session to either put it before or after that session in the day.

Viewing/Editing the detail

To the view or edit the detail of a session just click on it. 

Providing Feedback

You can edit the actual data by opening the session and click on the comments tab or the Actuals tab


You can leave comments here for yourself or your coach to review later. 

If a coach as left comments then the CN (coach notes) indicator will appear on the session. if an athlete has left comments the indicator will be AN.


Under the actuals tab you can add further information about completed sessions.

Using the "Mark as complete" button

The mark as complete button is a quick way to provide feedback. It simply sets the completed time and distance to be the same as the planned time and distance.

Both providing detailed actuals and clicking the "Mark as completed" button will turn the session green to indicate it was completed.

The Dashboard View

The dashboard view is similar to the calendar view except it just shows one day at a time. You can access the dashboard view by clicking on the Dashboard menu item

You can scroll through your schedule using the buttons, click the center button to go to today

Scroll back and forward a day


Scroll back and forward a week

Go to Today

Pick a date

Got to the Calendar View


The feedback fields are similar to the calendar view except with the additional option to upload a file to link to the session. Currently their is no analysis of the file but it is a good way to share device files with your coach who can download it. Click the feedback button and then the uploads tab to upload a file.

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