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How to create a landing page
How to create a landing page

Landing pages are great for promoting specific products and services and for using in your social posts and paid ads

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This article shows you how to create a landing page on your site, take a look at our blog post to learn more about why you should use landing pages and how to design the messaging.

Watch the 1-minute screen video and follow the instructions in this article.

To create a landing page, login to your TT platform, then click Settings.

Next, go to the platform settings 

Now select page one of the two "menu customization" buttons. 

Scroll down till you can click on the "add custom public page".

Uncheck the "Show in menu" box so it doesn't show in the main menu but check the "Include in sitemap" checkbox. Including it in the sitemap will allow Google and other search engines to find the page. You can also select "Show in footer" option if you'd like the page to appear in your website footer menu.  Then click Save.

Now click on  "Open Page" link will appear, click that to start editing your new landing page.

Once on the page, to configure a banner, click the cog in the top left corner and click the "banner" option. Check the "show banner" box and then click the banner tab.

To upload a banner

Click on the configuration icon.

Click on "Banner"

Click on "Show Banner"

Click on "Banner Settings"

Now upload an image for a banner, the best images are wider than they are tall and have a central subject with space above and below. 1200 wide by 600 high is a good size. Make sure the images are optimized for the web so they aren't too large in terms of file size as they'll slow down the loading speed of your page. Optimizilla is a great tool for optimizing your images for the web.

You can create an optional main title overlay of the banner with subtext and a button. You can also create two lower section overlays.

After you've made your changes click "save and reload" to show the updated page.

Now click the "edit content" button to edit the page content. Clear out all of the content. And use the "Insert HTML" drop-down and select snippet to use. In this case, it's fast and easy to start with our example "Landing Page Template".

Now just add your own messaging with the help of our blog post then save the page. Now you can use your landing page for promoting specific products and services.

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