Product options allow customers to choose attributes of a product like color, size, date etc. To set up product options, log into your TT platform.  Select "E-Commerce".

Next, Select "Products".

You will be shown a list of your products.  Scroll down through the list and when you find what product you want to add options to, select the edit icon.

Now you need to go to the pricing tab of a product.

Scroll down to where it says Options and click on the "Add Other Options".

On the very bottom of your options, you'll be able to place option names for your product.  Then press "Save."

The option name will determine the label of a drop down box. All options with the same name will be the items that appear in the same drop down list. So for color make sure the option name for all the colors is "Color" and the option itself can be different "Red", "White", "Blue" etc.

The below example with two separate option names (Color, Size) each with three different options will result in two dropdown lists each with three items.

The setup page

The resulting product page Two drop-downs

The color drop-down

The Size drop-down

When a customer purchases the product they will need to select both of these options to complete a purchase.

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