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Getting Started Guide
Getting Started Guide

How to get started with the coaching and membership platform

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Training Tilt has a feature set that allows health and fitness professionals to build their online business within a single platform. We've compiled this guide to help you break down the features into manageable steps to approach one by one.

Logging into Your New Site

Your sites unique web address and login page.
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Adding your logo to your site so it appears on your website, private area and login page.

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Website Content

Editing your pages and using the content editing tools and templates.

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Creating member/client accounts and inviting existing or new clients to your private member's area.

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Website Menu Customization

You can add new menu items and pages and customize the default items.

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Setting up Your Online Store

Connecting your preferred payment gateway, adding products to the store and selling downloadable training and nutrition plans.

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Selling Training or Nutrition Plans in Your Store

You can publish the training and nutrition plans you've built to your online store so customers can download them or link them to their accounts in your platform.

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Selling Memberships to Your Site

Creating a scalable business model and creating automated self-service membership plans your clients can sign up to online.

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Online Forms

Creating forms for you current and prospective clients to fill in. Useful for waivers, surveys, and pre-planning questionnaires.
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SEO and Google Search Rankings

Tips and advice on how to improve you Google search rankings and drive more traffic to your site.

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