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How to add buttons to your pages
How to add buttons to your pages
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We are currently rebuilding our page editors to have simple drag and drop functionality for created buttons and other elements onto your pages. In the mean time to be able to add a button to your page, you can follow the instructions below.

Go to your website

Select the page you would like to edit

Select Edit Content

Select Current Editor

Select one of the buttons from the Insert HTML Dropdown list

This is the tricky bit, click on the middle of the default text, type your new text without removing the default text.  Once you have finished typing your new text then remove the remaining default text from either side.

Click the link icon add a link to the button.  

If the link needs to go to a page on the current site then use a relative URL like /signup, but if the link needs to go to another website then use the full URL like

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