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How to edit your web page content with the page builder
How to edit your web page content with the page builder

How to easily edit your webpage content with the drag and drop page builder

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This is the document for using the new page editor. For help on using the legacy page editor which can still be used for editing pages, articles and videos etc please visit the help page for using the legacy editor.

You can edit your web page content with our drag and drop page editor.

When you click on an "Edit Content" button that has the new editing available you'll be presented with a choice to use the new editor.

If you click the "Try the page builder" option you'll be taken to a new page to edit the content.

Drag and Drop Sections

On the right hand side you'll see a default set of templates you can drag onto the page. You can use the dropdown list to select a category to filter the available sections. There are dozens of templates to choose from to make building your page fast and easy.

You can drag any of the templates onto the page either above or below the existing content.

You can remove unwanted snippets by clicking on them and using the controls.

You can use the drag control to change the order of the snippets

Text Editing Tool Bar

You can edit text etc by using the tool bar on the left.

Code Editor

You can use the code editor to edit the raw html of individual sections.


You can upload your own images by hovering over an image and clicking the camera icon.

After uploading an image you can drag the image to crop and use the + - buttons to zoom it within the dimensions of the image.

You can edit links by hovering over a link or a button and clicking the button. For internal pages make sure you use the relative url e.g /contact not


You can switch out icons by clicking on the icon and selecting an new one. To close the icon selector after selecting an icon click outside of the icon selector box.

You can add a new icon anywhere by placing your cursor where you want the icon to be and then clicking on the icon option on the tool bar.


You can edit video links by hovering over a video template then adding the link to your own video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo etc. Make sure you use the embedable link which you can retrieve from the embed code from the video provider. Don't paste in the entire embed code just the link like //

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