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How to setup payment reminders for your recurring payment customers
How to setup payment reminders for your recurring payment customers

If you have customers on recurring payments you may which to notify them before their next payment is processed.

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It's  possible to configure an email notification for your customers who are setup on recurring subscription payments (Membership Plans).

By default the reminders are currently turned off. To turn them on go to Admin.

Then select Signup settings.

Scroll down to Payment Notifications.

Under the payment notifications heading turn on the "Send subscription email reminders"

The number of days to send the email prior to when the subscription will be charged is configurable directly inside your Stripe account. The default is set to 7 days. 

Configure through Membership Plan

You can also configure this through individual Membership Plans as well. For example you might want to send payment reminders for annual plans but not for weekly or monthly plans.  

Just click on membership plans from the menu.

Next, select the plan you want to edit then click on the edit button.  

Go to the Advanced section.

Finally, set up the payments notification and save.

Configure from Subscriptions - Settings

You can configure it from the Subscriptions - Settings section of your Stripe account.

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