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Having problems logging in? this article discusses the most common problems and solutions for login issues.

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Sometimes our coaches and athletes have issues logging into their coaching platforms. 99% of all login issues can be resolved by the following solutions. If none of these help then please get in touch with us and we can look into your specific issues.

Using the incorrect username and password

This is the most common issue, many users forget their username and or their password. You can reset your password from the login page by entering either your username or your email address.

Attempting to login with your email address instead of your username

Often our users use the password reset feature by entering their email address, then proceed to reset their password and attempt to login with their email address. It's important to note that although you can reset your password with your email address and that your email address may also be your username that may not always be the case. When you created your account you may have chosen a different username.
To resolve this issue, please take careful note of the message that is sent to you when you request a password reset. The email includes the username you should be using to login with, read the email carefully to ensure you are using the correct username. Just to be clear just because you can reset your password with an email address does NOT necessarily mean that you can login with your email address.

Sometimes our users have a link saved in their favorites or a link they use from an email that directs them to a page they don't have access to. When this happens they will be redirected to the login page as the system has detected they do not have the appropriate access to that page. Then the user enters their username and password and attempts to redirect them back to the page they don't have access to. This becomes a loop and the user keeps getting redirected back to the login page even though they have entered the correct login details.

To resolve this issue ensure that you are using the direct link to the login page, not a link to a page within the system. eg don't use something like and instead use

Note: the links above are just samples and you'll need to be using the correct URL for your coaching platform. All our coaching clients have their own unique URL's. The important parts to note are the sections of the URL's after the main domain e.g /login

Using the wrong URL for your coaching platform

We offer a customized coaching platform to our clients so as an athlete you will need to login to your coaches specific site. All our coaching clients have their own unique site URL's. e.g or

If you don't know what the site URL is for your coaching platform please refer to your original signup emails or contact the coaching business you have an account for. Alternatively you can get in touch with us and let us know which coaching business you are with and we can lookup the site URL for you.

Note: You will NOT be able to login at or at as those are not valid coaching platforms.

Special characters in your password

Particularly on the mobile apps there are some special characters in your passwords that may cause issues. For example one know issue when logging in to the mobile apps is the use of a colon : in your password. To resolve this login to the web application first and change your password to exclude any special characters and then attempt a login again from the mobile app. You can change your password from the settings item in the top right hand menu on the web application. Alternatively if you are having issues logging in to the web app then use the reset password functionality from the web app login page.

Problems with session variables

On rare occasions there may be an issue with your session variables. A session variable is something the system keeps track of when you login to a website using your browser. Sometimes one of the variables may get lost or mixed up.ย 

To resolve this issue you must visit a special link. Note you must replace the first part of the link ( with the custom URL to your coaching platform. Don't click on the link below directly as it will not work.

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