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Hiding Header and Footer Navigation
Hiding Header and Footer Navigation

You can toggle your header and footer navigation items on and off for specific pages on your website.

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Your landing pages on your website should have a specific goal in mind you want your website visitors to achieve. Often your visitors will be distracted by your other menu items and click away from your landing page before they reach that goal, never to return.

It's possible to toggle both header and footer navigation menu items on and off for individual pages. Depending on the purpose of your page e.g email op-tin, product purchase or membership signup a page without navigation may convert better. 

We advise testing your pages conversion rates with and without navigation using tools such as or or

Browse to a page you want to configure on your website and click the settings button and "Configure this Page" option.

Now turn off either or both of the header and footer navigation. The header setting will hide everything in the header menu except your logo and the footer setting will hide all the social links and the standard footer navigation items in the footer.

Note: you can also configure these settings in the "Menu customization" tab on the platform settings page.

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