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Facebook Conversions and Standard Events
Facebook Conversions and Standard Events

Track conversions from your Facebook advertising campaigns using a Facebook Pixel and Standard Events

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Facebook Pixel

Your Facebook Pixel can be installed on your Training Tilt site. To install the pixel paste it into the "Custom Website Scripts" section under the "Web Design" tab of the platform settings page. The full article can be found here.

The Facebook Pixel will allow you to build custom audiences of visitors to your website which you can then target your Facebook ad campaigns too. To read more about the Facebook Pixel and re-marketing to custom audiences refer to the Facebook support site document

Facebook Standard Events

If you have installed your Facebook pixel on your Training Tilt site we now send the standard events "AddPaymentInfo" and "Purchase" when a client purchases something from your online store or signs up to a Membership Plan.

This will allow you to track conversions directly against your Facebook Advertising campaigns.

You can find out more about Facebook conversions using Standard Events here 

The events are called under the following circumstances

Online Store

A Purchase in the store triggers the "purchase" standard event and populates the total value and the currency

fbq('track', 'Purchase', { 'value': '9.99', 'currency': 'usd', 'content_type': 'product' });

Payment Requests

A Payment Request triggers the "purchase" standard event and populates the total value and the currency

fbq('track', 'Purchase', { 'value': '279', 'currency': 'usd', 'content_type': 'product' });


For membership plan signups we fire a number of events so if your customers abandon the form at any point you can use the standard events to retarget them in your ads. e.g if InitiateCheckout was fired but Purchase was not, we know they opened the credit card form but did not purchase.

The events are fired in this order.

PageView: When they land on any page.

AddToCart: When the land on the signup form.

InitiateCheckout: After the filled in their name and email and have clicked the signup button to pop the credit card input form.

Purchase and AddPaymentInfo: After they enter their card details and it goes through successfully. (this happens like a thank you page)

The Purchase or AddPaymentInfo are the events to use to record your conversions.

Signups to a membership plan trigger either the AddPaymentInfo event or the Purchase event or both.

A client signs up to a free membership plan

fbq('track', 'Purchase', { 'value': '0', 'currency': 'usd', 'content_type': 'product', 'content_ids': ['basic-free-membership'] });

A client signs up to a paid plan for $99 a month

fbq('track', 'AddPaymentInfo', { 'value': '99', 'currency': 'usd', 'content_type': 'product', 'content_ids': ['basic-free-membership'] });
fbq('track', 'Purchase', { 'value': '99', 'currency': 'usd', 'content_type': 'product', 'content_ids': ['gold-membership'] });

A client signs up to a free trial with their card

fbq('track', 'AddPaymentInfo', { 'value': '0', 'currency': 'usd', 'content_type': 'product', 'content_ids': ['gold-membership'] });

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