You can sync your Garmin Connect data with your training schedule by Connecting your Garmin account.

Connecting to Garmin Connect

First go to your user settings page from the top right hand menu. 

Note: When you login to Training Tilt you need to login via your coaches unique site. All coaches have their own platform that runs off the Training Tilt software so you need to login to the coaches site not the Training Tilt website. If you get stuck ask your coach for their web platform address or use the chat box and let us know who you coach is and we will find it for you.

Scroll down to the "Connections" section and click the "Connect to Garmin Connect" button.

Follow the instructions and sign in to your Garmin Connect account and consent to the connection.

This will set up your connection and turn on the auto sync feature. If you were previously connected to Strava and had the Strava sync enabled it will be disabled automatically.

The "autosync with training calendar" switch should now be showing as turned on.

Viewing Synced Data

After data has been synced the data file will be linked to either an existing planned workout or a new workout on your calendar. Training Tilt will attempt to match a planned worked based on workout type so ensure your planned workout types are set to the correct type. Swimming, Cycling, Running etc.

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