Training Tilt was built so you could share your knowledge with your athletes through articles, videos, recipes, training plans and more. 

Sometimes you want to have control over who sees what based on their membership.  

To configure security, log in to your Training Tilt platform.  

Next, click on Settings.

Then, click on Feature Security.

You can now set your feature security using "Allow Access" and "Deny Access" this allows for more flexibility.

Anyone who is a member of any Deny access groups will not be able to access that specific feature.

The feature security works in the following ways

If no "Allow Access" or "Deny Access" groups are configured then all clients will have access to the feature.

If any "Allow Access" groups are configured then only clients of that group will be able to access the feature. The menu item and the feature will be hidden to all other clients.

If any "Deny Access" groups are configured for a feature then any members of that group will not be able to access that feature even if they are a member of an "Allow Access" group as "Deny Access" has priority over "Allow Access" groups.

To configure your Feature Security go to Settings then Feature Security. Each Feature has an "Allow Access" and a "Deny Access" feature. Check the groups in each section

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