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Adding Categorized Custom Menu Items
Adding Categorized Custom Menu Items

You can add your own custom menu items that link to filtered pages of articles, videos, workouts and products.

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To add a filtered category menu item go to the platform settings page and add a new menu item, select the "Custom Link" checkbox and then type in the link to the categorized articles page 

e.g for member only custom menu items use

/membership/articles/category/technology for articles or
/membership/videos/category/technology for videos or
/membership/workouts/workouttype/running for workouts.

/store/category/Virtual%20Training for products

NOTE: if your category has a space in it you need to replace the space with the %20 characters

e.g for public website menu items use 

/articles/category/technology for articles or
/videos/category/technology for videos

/store/category/Virtual%20Training for products
Workouts are not available on the public site currently

hint: you can get the correct link by going to your articles or videos or workouts page, select the category from the drop down and then when the page reloads grab the link. You might need to login as an athlete to get the correct workouts links.

You don't need to use the full link just everything including the / after your domain and after.

From your dashboard or home page, select "Settings".

Then select "Platform Settings".

Select "Menu Customizations" (there are 2 places you can find this).

Scroll down about midway.

Click the Add Public Custom Page if you wish to add a public page.

If you wish to add a Members Custom Page instead, scroll down towards the bottom and select Add Members Custom Page.

Select Open Page to begin editing the page

On the left, where the menu is, you will notice there is a new menu item of your page.

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