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How to create new client accounts
How to create new client accounts

3 ways to create new clients, athletes and members

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There are 3 ways to create new client accounts in the system (also referred to as members or athletes)

Once your clients are created using any of the methods below you can access their training calendar, dashboard, profile, payment and account details etc from the icons in the members list.


With the invitation feature you can simply enter your clients email address and send them an invitation.
You can also add additional fields to save time or link the invitation to a "membership plan" so the new client can inherit any permissions or training plans based on the membership plan.

You can also link the invitation to an individual training plan that will give the client access to it from their "my plans" list.

Once the invitation is sent the client will be able to accept it and create their own account and login straight away.

You can access in the invitations feature from the members list. You can see a history of all the invitations sent and accepted by clicking the "Invitations and signup history" button.

Manual Account Creation 

You can create a client account manually and then send the client the username and password which they can then login to and change their password.

During the manual account setup you can link the account creation to a membership plan so the account automatically inherits the permissions from the membership plan.

You can also assign the client to groups (for security on resources) and training plans that will appear in their "My Plans" list.

Signing up via Membership Plans

The most automated way to get new clients into the system is via the "Membership Plans" feature. Once you publish a membership plan your clients will be able to signup to it and enter payment details (for paid membership plans) to setup one-off or recurring payments. They will then be able to create their own accounts and get started. For more info on membership plans see the How to create membership plans article.

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