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How to copy workouts between athletes
How to copy workouts between athletes

You can copy training schedules from one athlete to one or more athletes or groups of athletes..

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A fast way to apply training sessions is to apply/copy them from one athlete calendar to another.

Watch the video demo or read the full instructions with screen shots below.

From your Training Tilt dashboard, click on People.

Select Clients.

Scroll through your members till you find the member whose calendar you want to copy.

Now, click on the calendar icon to see the member's calendar.

Then click the "Apply to Athlete" button.

Select the athletes or groups of athletes where the workouts will be copied/applied to.

Now use the options to configure to what dates you want to copy the sessions to on the other athletes calendar.

The first section is the dates to apply against the destination athlete calendar.

You can select to apply to a start or an end date. if you select a start date then the sessions will be copied to start on this date. If you select an end date the sessions will be copied and calculated in reverse to finish on the end date.

In this example we will be starting the sessions on the 30th March.

Now use the second section to determine which sessions to copy from the original athlete calendar. Select a start and end date and all the sessions between these dates will be copied/applied to the destination athlete.

In this example we will be copying 4 weeks worth of data to the destination athletes calendar.

In bottom section you can decide whether you want to replace any existing sessions that already exist on the destination athlete calendars (it will only replace sessions within the destination date range). You can also decide whether you want to open the destination athletes calendar for customization or to stay on the source athletes calendar. If you have multiple athletes selected it will open the first athlete in the list's calendar.

When the destination athlete calendar loads you can see we've applied the 4 weeks of training between 30th April and the 27th May from the source athletes calendar to the destination athletes calendar starting on the 30th April.

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