You can import a Training Plan from TrainingPeaks. This is not a date based Training Plan but a template Training Plan that is a specific number of weeks long.

How to Export the Data from TrainingPeaks

This is the tricky bit but in order to export a complete training plan from TrainingPeaks the plan first needs to be applied to a TrainingPeaks athlete's calendar. As a coach, it's best to just use a test athlete account or your own account if you have one.

Log in as your TrainingPeaks coach account and apply the plan you want to be exported to the athlete accounts calendar. At this point, it's a good idea to choose a date range well into the future to avoid mixing the plan in with other workouts on the calendar. You can follow TrainingPeaks' guide on how to apply a plan to an athlete here. 

Now login as the athlete account and confirm the workouts from the Training Plan have been applied to the calendar. Click settings from the profile menu top right.

Choose the "Export Data" option from the left and then in the "Workout Summary" section set the dates to export from that you applied the workouts to on the calendar. In our example that's 1 Feb 2025 to 28 Feb 2025. Then click the "Export" button for that section.

That will export all those workouts from the selected dates into a zip archive. extract the archive and there will be a .csv file with all the workouts. Make sure you click the link that TP shows you to download it first.

How to import your CSV into Training Tilt.

Go to Training Tilt and select the "Coaching" > "Plans" option from the menu. 

When you're taken to the next page, select the Import button on the top right.

Now choose the Select Files button

Select the CSV file you created and then click the Upload button.

This may take a while but you'll see when the process is completed. If there are any errors download the result file and send it to us so we can help troubleshoot.

Now go back to "Coaching" > "Plans" and all the Training Plan should be there. You can now edit plan type, level etc as required. The new Training Plan's name will include the file name of the CSV file you used.

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