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How to install your Facebook Pixel
How to install your Facebook Pixel

How to install your Facebook Pixel into your Training Tilt Website

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If you are running a business you should be using your Facebook pixel on your website. Even if you aren't doing Facebook advertising yet, it's a good idea to start sending your website activity to your Facebook advertising account anyway so when the time comes you can easily create custom audiences.

To read more about the Facebook Pixel and re-marketing to custom audiences refer to the Facebook support site document

First log in and go to your platform settings page.

Click on "Website Design"

Scroll down to Custom Scripts for public website pages.

 tab scroll down to the "Custom scripts for public website pages" click the edit button 

Then paste in your pixel code and save it. If you wanted to you could also paste it into your "Custom scripts for member pages" section too as sometimes it's also useful to track visits of your logged in users/athletes.

After you've saved it you can confirm it's working by navigating around your website and then going back to Facebook to check the activity of your pixel.

You could also install the Chrome pixel help extension to easily check your pixel is working while browsing your website. You can get the extension here 

Now you have your pixel installed, you can use it in Facebook for creating custom audiences and recording conversions when people buy your products and services via the Training Tilt platform. Check this article on how we track the conversions.

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