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How to view forms submitted by your customers
How to view forms submitted by your customers
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Need to create a form? follow this article

Note: When someone fills out a form, it will only be linked directly to an athlete account if they are logged into your platform. If the form is filled out without being logged in we will link or created a new "Contact" record. If you can't find a form submission for an athlete then try filtering by contact or by email address.

Search View

When you go to your forms page from the Admin - Forms menu there is a button that will take you to the submitted forms view.

Click the view button in each form row to see the details of the submitted form and the completed fields. You can also print the form.

Filtering and SearchingYou can filter your search by athlete, contact and form. You can also search by email address. Contacts are created automatically when a customer who is not logged in submits a form.

You can also navigate directly from the forms, contacts and athlete lists to the filtered view of the forms. e.g the submitted forms history for an individual athlete.

From the athlete/members list

From the Contacts list
This will take you directly to forms submitted by contacts who may not have accounts with you.

Forms List
This will take you to the submitted forms list and filter the records for a specific form.

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