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Privacy Compliance Tools
Privacy Compliance Tools

With recent changes to privacy laws it's important to be able to apply a few simple changes to help with compliance.

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Training Tilt comes with a set of configurable settings you help you as a business comply with various international and regional privacy regulations.

Important: The inclusion and use of these settings does not guarantee that you are compliant with privacy regulations. You should consult a lawyer to confirm you your legal obligations. 

Privacy Policy

Your Training Tilt site comes with built in privacy policy page with the url /privacy.

You should complete your privacy policy based on legal advice but there are some useful templates that are a good place to start. Shopify provide a simple privacy policy generator that they keep up to date with the latest regulations such as the GDPR. To generate a privacy policy you can use the tool here. Be sure to regularly regenerate your policy to see if any updates have been made.

To configure your privacy policy settings go to the platform settings page 

Now Click on the general settings tab 

Under the "Privacy Compliance" follow the link to allow you to edit the content on your privacy page. Once you have edited the page you should turn the link to it in your website footer on. You can also do the same thing with your "Terms and Conditions". The terms and conditions page should be used for terms and conditions more related to the specifics of your own business than to legal regulations.

When you turn on the privacy policy it will show up in your website footer.

Requiring your customers to accept the privacy policy 

You should now setup the configurable check boxes so your customers who signup to your plans or you invite to your platform to coaching need to accept your privacy policy and/or terms and conditions.

You can set this up from the Admin - Signup settings

Switch on the "Force users to accept Privacy Policy" option. You can do the same with the "Force users to accept Terms".

If you have your privacy policy and/or terms on a different website you can paste in the links to those too.

Now when your customers signup to any of your membership plans they will need to check the box to accept. This feature only works when using the Stripe payment gateway because the other payment gateways rely on external checkout pages.

When your customers accept an invitation from you they will also be required to check the box.

Email opt in for your contact form and store checkout

When your customers contact you via your website contact form or when they purchase something from the online store they are implicitly giving you permission to contact them directly regarding their inquiry or their purchase. However if you wish to contact them via email about unrelated topics or marketing you must allow them to opt in. The new GDPR regulations require the box to be unchecked by default. By default your Training Tilt website contact form and your store checkout now has an opt in box. You can hide this opt in box if you have no intention of using the customers contact details for any other reason than their inquiry. You can do that from the general setting tab of the platform settings page.

Your contact form with the opt in.

Your store checkout opt in.

When someone contacts you via the form or they purchase from your store they are automatically added to your contacts list and whether they've consented to additional emails will be flagged against the contact record. You can update the flag manually if you need to.



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