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How to send online forms to clients
How to send online forms to clients

You can send links to your online forms to clients, contacts and emails addresses.

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One you've created an online form you can use the message icon in the forms list to send the link to the form to your existing athletes, contacts or just type in some email addresses.

First go to to your list of forms from the Communication menu. 

Next, click the envelope icon for the form you want to send.

Select whether you want to send the private or public link to the form. If you send the private link the recipients will need to have an athlete account in your system to fill in the form and it will be mapped to against their account. If the recipients don't yet have a user account with your platform then send the public link.

You can now select the recipients of the form. Individual athletes, groups of athletes or individual email addresses. To send to more than one email address, make sure you seperate each email address with a comma.

Send to athletes

Send to group of athletes

Send to individual email addresses

Editing Subject and Message

Once you've added the recipients you can edit the subject and message that will be pre-populated for you with a greeting and the link to the form.

Once you are ready you can send the form by either clicking the "Send" or the "Send and Close" button. The send button will leave the dialog open so you can send it to another set of recipients the "Send and Close" button will send the form then close the dialog.

The system will send an email to all recipients so they can click the link to fill out the form. 

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