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ConvertKit Integration
ConvertKit Integration

Training Tilt integrates with ConvertKit

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Training Tilt integrates with ConvertKit by mapping ConvertKit tags to Training Tilt tags so when your customers interact with your Training Tilt site that information can be be used to create and or tag contacts in your ConvertKit account. Tags can be used in ConvertKit to trigger sequences and automations or just to keep track of your subscribers.

The integration allows for a simple mapping of tags.

  1. When a customer is tagged in Training Tilt they are tagged with any tag in ConvertKit that is mapped to the Training Tilt tag.

  2. When a customer is un-tagged in Training Tilt they will be un-tagged in ConvertKit with any tag that is mapped to the Training Tilt tag.

Some examples use cases for the integration

  1. When a customer signs up to a membership play you can trigger an series of on-boarding emails from ConvertKit

  2. When a customer makes a purchase of a product or membership plan in Training Tilt a conversion can be triggered in ConvertKit. 

  3. When a customer cancels a subscription trigger a workflow in ConvertKit

Setting up Tag Mappings

Step 1. Create Tags and Sequences inside your ConvertKit account

Create a series of tags inside your ConvertKit account you want to use to trigger any sequences to be triggered by actions that happen in Training Tilt.

Step 2. Map ConvertKit Tags to Training Tilt tags

Training Tilt has a simple tagging engine that triggers tags against your athlete accounts or Training Tilt online store customers.

Visit the page from the Settings - Tag Mappings menu item.

Click the "Add New" button to add a new tag button. You will need to do this for each tag you want to map to in your ConvertKit setup.

Now enter the Training Tilt tag you want to map. Follow this guide to determine the correct tags to add. Determining which Training Tilt Tags to map.

Now enter the unique identifier of the ConvertKit tag. Note that this is not the name of the tag but is a unique number. Also ensure you select "ConvertKit" as the external system type.

To get the unique tag numbers for your ActiveCampaign account click the "List all ActiveCampaign tags" button. This will retrieve all your tags from your ActiveCampaign account. It is the value from the "Id" field that you need to use the "External System Tag" field in your tag mappings.

Now go back to the tag mappings page

Give the tag a good description so you know what it's for if you need to make changes later on.

Now repeat these steps for all the tags you want to map.

When you are done make sure you click Save.

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