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How to Add Custom Menu Items for Existing Pages
How to Add Custom Menu Items for Existing Pages

You can add custom menu items to your site that point to special pages that are already part of your site or that are external to your site.

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To add a custom menu item to your site first go to "settings" > "platform settings" > then "menu customizations".

Note: Member site customizations will appear in both the web platform and the mobile apps.

Under either the "Public site menu customizations" or the "Member site menu customizations" scroll to the bottom of the section and click the "Add public Custom Page" or "Add Members Custom Page". In the example we are adding a members custom page.

Now type a title for the page that will show in the menu. In the example we will be adding the online store to the members menu.

Check the "Custom link" box

Type in the custom link. If the page is part of your site then don't enter the full address just the first trailing slash. For example for your online store just enter /store or for your training plans store just enter /plans. If the page is on a different site then enter the entire address eg.

Configure an icon to use (member site only). You can follow the "icons" link for all available icons. You can ignore the fa- part of the icons as we will ad that part in automatically. e.g fa-cart-plus should be entered as just cart-plus.

Now click "Save menu settings" and the menu item will now appear in the respective menu. 

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