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Edit the size of your images
Edit the size of your images
If your photo is not the size you want it to be on your page, there are a few ways you can configure it to your desired size.
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Choose Menu Customizations.

Scroll down to the page you want to edit.  Then, Open Page.

Select Edit Content.

Using Current Editor

Select Current Editor

Click on the photo you want to edit.

Click the image icon.

In the width and length sections, enter the size you want your photo to be.  Ideally you want to only set either the height or the width, not both because if you don't know the exact dimensions you can easily stretch the image without meaning to.  Then select Insert.

You’ll be able to see the size change.

Using the page builder

Select Try the page builder

Select the image you want to edit.

Select the code editor icon 

Look for the length sizes and width sizes so you know what to adjust.

Now, highlight the number only and change according to your preference.Then select OK.

You’ll see the change.If you’re happy with it, click Save and Reload Page for the final review.

If you are happy with it, be sure to save changes.

Note:  These steps do not apply to the templates within Training Tilt

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