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How to Delete, Cancel or Disable Client Accounts
How to Delete, Cancel or Disable Client Accounts

This article describes how to change the status of a client or delete/remove or disable their payments or account.

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When you no longer want a client to be able to access your training platform there are three options to choose from depending on your requirements.

Cancel Membership

Use this option if the client is currently paying via a membership plan in the system and you want to cancel their payments and their membership.


If you want to permanently  remove the client and all of their history from the system. This option can not be undone. Note: Before using the delete option you should first cancel all payments. Deleting does not cancel payments automatically.


This will not make any changes to their account other than stopping them from being able to log in. This is the safest option. Disabled accounts do not count towards your member limit. 

To access all the options first go to the Client list from the People menu.

Here are the detailed instructions for each option.

Cancel Membership

From the client list click on the paper money icon.

Now you will see a list of membership plans. If the list is empty then the client is not connected to a membership plan so their account should either be disabled or deleted using the other options.

If they do have membership plans listed use the cancel button to cancel the membership plans you no longer want them to pay for or have the benefits of. Note that for some payment gateways you need to manually do this inside the payment gateway itself. This should be indicated somewhere on the page. 

When you cancel the membership the payments will be stopped and the benefits of that membership will be removed from the clients account. 

If they only had a single membership plan then the client account will also be disabled. If they had access to an additional membership plan you will also need to cancel that if required, or leave it active depending on your requirements.


If you want to completely delete a client first cancel any memberships they have using the previous option. Deleting an account will not cancel any payments in your payment gateway. 

From the client list click on the edit icon.

Now click the delete button

Confirm you wish to delete the client. Warning this can not be undone.


If you simply want to disable a client account so they can no longer login.

From the client list click the edit icon.

Now click the disable button and confirm. Note this will not pause or cancel any payments it will simply stop the client from being able to login to the system.

The client will no longer be able to login.

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