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How to sync with your Strava account

Automatically or manually populate your training schedule with actual data from your Strava account.

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You can sync your Strava data with your training schedule either automatically or manually.

Don't like to share your activities with the general public? that's cool too, just set you Strava Activities to default to "private" inside your Strava account and your training will stay private but still sync up!

Connecting to Strava

First make sure you are logged into Strava with your own Strava account.

Next go to your "user settings" page from the top right hand menu of the web version of the platform.

Note: When you login to Training Tilt you need to login via your coaches unique site. All coaches have their own platform that runs off the Training Tilt software so you need to login to the coaches site not the Training Tilt website. If you get stuck ask your coach for their web platform address or use the chat box and let us know who you coach is and we will find it for you.

Scroll down to the "Connections" section.

Click the "Connect to Strava" button.

Authorize the connection between Strava and Training Tilt. NOTE make sure you leave all the checkboxes checked to ensure the connection and sync service will work correctly.

Setting up Auto-sync

To configure your Strava data to automatically sync ensure the "Autosync with training calendar" switch is set to on. 

The automatic sync service will only sync new workouts from this point onward. To sync historic workouts you can use the manual sync process.

Manually Syncing Data

To sync activities manually go to the dashboard page or your training schedule, open one of your workouts. If you don't have any planned workouts, create an empty one to sync with.

Select the "Sync" tab. 

Now select the Strava activity you want to sync with the workout. You will be able to select from only the activities for that specific date. Now click the Sync button to complete the sync.

Viewing Synced Data

After data has been synced either manually or automatically the actual data fields will be populated from the Strava activity. You will also be able to click through directly to the activity on the Strava website or view the basic information under the "Strava Activity" tab on the workout feed back popup. The Strava data is view-able on both the athlete schedule and on the dashboard pages.

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