You can export some data from a TrainingPeaks athlete account and then import them into a Training Tilt athletes account.

How to export athlete workout summary data from TrainingPeaks

Login as your TrainingPeaks coach account, open the calendar and select the athlete you want to export data for. Then click the cog icon to open the settings for that athlete.

Choose the "Export Data" option from the left and then in the "Workout Summary" section set the dates to export from that you applied the workouts to on the calendar. IMPRTANT: Select no more than 6 months of data at any one time. For more history you will need to repeat this process until you have all the data you need.

Once you've selected your data range click the "Export" button for that section.

That will export all those workouts from the selected dates into a zip archive. extract the archive and there will be a .csv file with all the workouts. Make sure you click the link that TP shows you to download it first.

How to import your CSV into Training Tilt.

Step 1: Navigate to the import athlete workout history tool.

For now we have hidden this from the menu. To access the tool append the following to your unique platform url /platform/import/importtype/trainingpeaksathleteworkouts

e.g if your site is then the page will be available here

Step 2: Select an Athlete

Use the athlete selector to select the correct athlete.

Step 3: Select the Exported File

Click the select file button and select the file you generated from TrainingPeaks. Ensure that the file is the correct one for the athlete.

Step 4: Start the Upload

Start the upload. Depending on the amount of data you are importing it may take a few minutes. The more history you attempt to upload the longer the process will take. We recommend uploading no more than 6 months total athlete history at any one time.

The status bar will indicate how far through the import process is and will show you a count of processed vs total workouts that have been imported so far.

Step : Confirm the Import

After the import is complete visit the athletes calendar view and browse the workouts that have been imported.

If at any time you wish to restart the process for a specific athlete, simply use the "Delete Date Range" button on the athletes Training Tilt calendar view to remove all workouts for a given date range.

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