How to get your workouts into Zwift

A guide on how to download your Zwift workouts from Training Tilt and add them to your Zwift account.

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It's possible for your coach to upload or create a structured workout in Training Tilt so that you can use that workout inside Zwift.

Watch the video or follow the instructions and screenshots below.

To get the workout you first need login to the web version of your coaches Training Tilt site. Contact your coach if you don't have the unique site address for their coaching platform or go to your coaches website as the login page is often available from there.

Open your training schedule and find the workout on the calendar and click on it to see the details.

Depending on how your coach has added the Zwift workout it will be downloadable from one of two places. You only need to choose from one of the follow options not both.

The first is as a file under the "downloadable files" section on the planned tab. Look out for a file with the .zwo file extension. Click on the file name to download the file to your computer.

The second option is as a "Structured Workout" under that tab. Use the "Download for Zwift" button to download the file to your computer.

Now you have the file downloaded you need to add it to your Zwift folder on your computer.

On your PC or Mac save the file to your "/documents/Zwift/Workouts/userid" folder where "userid" represents your user id in Zwift. There should only be one userid folder unless you share your computer with another Zwift user.

Now open Zwift on your PC or Mac. If you already have Zwift open please close it and open it again to refresh the custom workout list in the app.

Once Zwift opens, Click "Lets Go" to launch the app. If Zwift takes you to the "Pair Devices" section you can pair your devices or just click "Skip" if you aren't actually going to do the workout now.

Then click on the "Training" option under "Ride Type"

Now expand the "Custom Workouts" section and you should see the workout you added to the folder in the previous step. Click on that workout.

Once you click on the workout the structure should show on the right. Now click the "Workout" button to start the workout!

Now just ride on!

More information about managing your custom workouts in Zwift is also available in the Zwift support center

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