How to disable a client account
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IMPORTANT NOTE: This document applies to clients who are not paying you via the Training Tilt payments/membership plans feature. To cancel payments use the "Account" button instead of the "Disable" button referenced below.

Sometimes you don't need a client account but you don't necessarily want to delete it and lose all the associated data.

In this instance, you can disable it. A disabled client does not count towards the number of clients you are allocated as part of your subscription so it is a good option to save cost when you are not actively working with a client.

First, go to the Client list from the people menu and then click the edit icon for the client you want to disable.

Now click the disable button. Note that this will not cancel any payments the client is paying you. To cancel those payments use the "Account" button instead.

The account will now be disabled and the client will no longer be able to log in and their data will stop syncing with the platform.

To re-enable the account, just follow the same instructions as above but click the "re-activate account" button.

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