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Configuring Training Zones
Configuring Training Zones
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Once configured, Training Zones will then appear on the "Time in Zones" section of the analysis data of a workout.

For athletes to configure their own Training Zones they can select the Training Zones option from the top right-hand menu.

For a coach to configure Training Zones for an athlete they can use the Training Zones option from the athlete/client list or from the athlete selector.

Training Zone Settings

Heart Rate, Power and Pace/Speed Zones are currently supported.

Training Zones can be configured as "Default" Training Zones or "Workout Type" Training Zones. If a Training Zone is configured for a specific workout type then that Training Zone will be used for any workouts of that type otherwise the workout will fallback to using the Default Training Zone.

Training Zone Calculations

Training Zones can be added manually or calculated based on metrics that the coach or the athlete inputs. We have a calculation for Heart Rate, Power and Pace/Speed. Thanks to Joe Friel, Andrew Coggan PhD, Hunter Allen and Stephen McGregor PhD for their independent work on Training Zone calculations.

Time in Zones

Time in Zones will be displayed below the data charts of a completed workout.

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