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How to restrict access to specific content for different clients
How to restrict access to specific content for different clients

You can control which content clients see by using Client Groups

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You can control which content can be seen by which clients by using the "Client Groups" feature.

First, create a Client Group to associate with certain content and certain clients.

Once you created the client group, link that group to the content that you want to restrict only to members of that group. This can be done with a number of different content types like videos, recipes, shared files etc. Find the content and edit it, and then select the client group under the "Allow access to certain groups" section.

Now you can add only the clients you want to have access into the group. You can do this by editing the group and selecting the clients, or by editing individual clients and adding them to the group.

Editing the Group

Or Editing the Client

You can also use Membership plans to determine client group membership by adding the client group to a membership plan. When a client signs up to a membership plan they get added to the group automatically, if they cancel their membership plan then they get removed automatically.

Client groups can also be used to control access to entire features or areas. For example you can allow only certain groups to see the videos section. You can learn more about that in the guide below.

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