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Configuring custom scripts for individual pages
Configuring custom scripts for individual pages

You can configure custom javascript on individual web pages

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You can configure custom javascript on your public website pages. To access the configuration log in to your site then browse to the page on your website you want to edit.

Now click the settings/cog icon in the top right-hand corner, then click the configure this page item

Now go to the advanced tab

Add the javascript you want to include on the page in the "Custom Scripts" box. Note that you need to include the opening and closing script tags when you add the scripts as in the screenshot below. You can include more than one set of script tags. Please ensure your javascript is valid as invalid javascript can cause problems with your pages and other functionality on the platform.

Now click "Save" or "Save and reload the page". The page needs to be reloaded for the script to run.

If you need any corresponding HTML on the page for the scripts to run against then use the page editor with the code icon on the toolbars </>

If you also need to add custom CSS styles then enter those in the Custom CSS styles box. You DO NOT need to add style tags here, just the custom CSS. For more info on adding custom styles see this guide

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