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How to create a custom member page
How to create a custom member page

You can create custom pages inside your Training Tilt site and include html content

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Custom pages are a great way to extend the functionality of Training Tilt and create custom content within the web and mobile apps via a new menu item.

This is great for things like help pages, FAQ pages or even just instructional content that doesn't fit into the use case of the other content management features like articles and videos. You can include html, embedded videos and almost anything else that a web page can include.

To create a custom members page go to Settings - Platform Settings from the menu and then select the "Menu Customizations" tab.

Now scroll down to the "Member site menu customizations" section. At the bottom of that section click "Add Members Custom Page"

Now enter a title for the page, and an icon. You can use the up and down arrows to position where you want the page to appear in the menu.

Now click "Save Menu Settings" at the bottom of the section.

After it saves you will be see the "Open Page" link. Click that to go to the page.

When the page loads, if required you can set the permissions on the page to determine which groups will have access to the page.

To edit the content of the page use the "Edit Content" button.

The page will now show up in the menu on the web app and in the mobile app.

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