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How to cancel your membership with a coach
How to cancel your membership with a coach

This article describes how athletes can cancel their accounts with the coaching business they have subscribed to

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Training Tilt does not sell memberships directly to athletes. We offer a technology platform that coaches and fitness professionals use to sell memberships, products and services to their clients.

The platform is very flexible and there are many ways that our coaches can implement memberships and services including recurring payments.

Some of our coaches implement our payments integrations but others use third part checkout and e-commerce tools. Therefore there are many different ways for end users to be billed and to cancel.  This will depend strictly on how your coach has set up the cancellation process.

The first thing to check is to login to your account and select the "account" option from the top right hand menu. 

Once you reach the account page check if there is a cancellation button there. 

If there is, then follow the button to cancel your account. If not their may be some instructions written from your coach describing how to cancel.

In any other instance you should get in touch with your coaching business directly as Training Tilt does not control the billing for athlete accounts.

If you do have trouble getting in touch with your coaching business, then please contact us and we will do our best to put you in touch.

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