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Create hidden products that can only be purchased by customers with the direct link. A good alternative to coupons and discount codes

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You can configure your products to be hidden so they do not display in the search or product pages but will be still be available to purchase by sharing the direct link to the product page.

This feature is great in a scenario where you only want certain customers to purchase the product or you want to make special pricing available to certain customers. It's a simple way to offer special pricing without coupons or discount codes.

To do this, click on E-Commerce.

Select Products.

Select which product you want hidden by clicking on the edit icon.

In the Details tab, you can set your product to be hidden by editing your product from the products list and checking the "hidden" check box.

Before setting the product to hidden you should browse to the product page and copy the link so you can share it with your customers you want to have access to the product.

Once you're happy, don't forget to click Save.

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