How to build a training plan

Creating training plans and workouts

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Login to Training Tilt and select Coaching > Library from the menu. We will first add some workouts to the workout library so we can then use them later when building a training plan. Building up a comprehensive library will make building plans fast and easy in the future. Alternatively you can skip this step and go straight to step 5 and start building some template plans as you can also publish workouts to the library as you add them to plans.

You will now see a list of existing workouts, Click the create button to create a new workout

Enter the details of the workout. Including a name, duration in minutes and other fields including the technical details of the workout. 

Before you save your workout, you have the option to upload an image for this.  Click on the green Upload Image button and select the image you want.

If you are happy with everything, be sure to Save.

You can also add some advanced instructions to the workout.  

And for even more added value why not link a video from you video library

You can create and edit as many workouts as you want in the library. Once you have a library of workouts you can then start building your Training Plans

Select Coaching > Plan from the menu

You will then see a list of existing plans. Click the add button to add a new Training Plan

Give your new Training Plan a name and add a description, level and type. All these fields will enable clients or potential customers to search and find a plan that suits them if you choose to publish the plan to the online store. Then either click "Save" to save the plan and come back later to build it, or click "Save and Build" to continue and build the plan now. You can come back any time and select the build option from the list of plans. 

You can also add much more detail in the HTML editor in the rich detail tab. This is useful for when selling plans in the online store

After saving the plan hit the "Build" button

You will now be redirected to the Training Plan builder page. Once here you the plan is organised by week and by day. This plan is a 12 week plan, so you can see it laid out weeks 1-12 Monday to Friday. It is not until a plan is actually applied to a member that it will appear on a calendar and actual dates will be associated with it. Click on a day to start adding sessions/workouts. Or drag and drop from the workout library.

Click the tab to expand the workout library

Use the search box to filter the library workouts

You can copy a session by clicking on the lower right icon (the lines) and click on "Copy". 

And "Paste" them on the days you want the session to fall on by clicking on the lower right corner of the said day. 

You can also copy an entire week's plan by clicking on the lower right hand corner icon of the week you want to copy. 

And "Paste Week" on the week you want the copied sessions to fall in.

Once you've set all of the sessions for this training plan, you will see the planned hours and kilometers in summary on the bottom.

To export this plan in PDF, you can simply go to "More Tools" and select "Export to PDF".

Tick or Untick the boxes you want to show in the PDF File, then click on the "Export to PDF" button again.

Save the file to your device, then open it up. You will see your plan in PDF.

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