Applying a template plan to athletes

Your template plans can be applied to athletes or groups of athletes.

Go to your plans list and click the "Build" button to open a plan

Once the plan is open click the "Apply to Athletes" button

Choose one or more athletes to apply the plan to or choose a group of athletes to apply the plan to.

Select to apply the plan to a start date or an end date. End dates will calculate the plan backwards. End dates are good for applying plans based on race dates.

Select whether to replace existing workouts on the athletes calendar. Checking this box will delete any workouts already planned for the range of dates the plan will be applied to.

Choose whether you want to apply the entire plan or just parts of the plan. This will apply week x to week x of the plan. For example applying week 2-4 with apply two weeks of the plan starting on the date you selected as the start date. 

Click "Apply to Schedule" and the plan will be applied to all selected athletes or all athletes that are members of the selected groups. For large groups this may take a few minutes.

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