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Low Priced Base Memberships with one off up sells
Low Priced Base Memberships with one off up sells

Different types of membership plans and pricing stragies

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This is a model for getting higher volumes of members into the platform at a lower monthly price and then attempting to up-sell them to one of products like template Training Plans. This model works well as it's a lot easier to sell to existing customers than to new customers. If you can get a high number of members into the platform you can then easily target your marketing directly to your existing customer base. You can also use the tools in the on line store to offer discounted products to existing members. This will add value to becoming a member initially and will build loyalty from your members because there are clear financial benefits of being a member.

With the lower priced memberships you should strip back the amount of resources you give them access to. Remember it's about value not price, if you don't include enough benefits then clients won't have a compelling reason to sign up, but conversely if you offer too many benefits then it will be harder to generate up sells

Manual Benefits

  • Email Support

  • Email Coaching

Automated Training Tilt benefits

  • Access to resources (tips, videos, articles, downloads)

  • Access to workout library (by checking the allow member access check box in the workout library)

  • Community Forum

  • Chat and Social groups

  • Access to Template Training Plans (access to x number of Training Plans. X should be a lot less with this strategy)

  • Mobile apps

  • Product Discounts (by creating custom page in TT and adding your affiliate product discount codes with the page editor tools)

  • Discounts on Training Plans (via member only discount configuration of products)

  • Discounts on other Products  (via member only discount configuration of products)

Set up

The Membership Plans

With this model you can still mix in your higher priced memberships that have a lot more benefits. The lower price membership will attract a slightly different type of client who is more likely to be seeking value for money. Continuing to offer the higher tier membership plans will ensure that you still cater for those willing to pay a higher recurring membership for more benefits.

The Up Sells

You can then offer multiple additional products and services using products in your online store and setting up a discount for members in the product configuration. You can then actively market those products to your existing members.

It's always easier to sell products and services to your existing customers because they already know and trust you and that's 90% of the battle.

To include a member only discount with a product in the store you can just edit the member discount percentage on the pricing tab.

It's important that the discount is substantial enough to make being a member worth while but not too big where you won't make any profit.

Digital products like training plans work best with this model because there is no substantial cost for each individual product sold only the original cost of setting up the plan.

Now when a member is logged in they will see the discount in the store.

After they purchase the training plan they can link it to their account and apply it to their schedule. They will always have it available to them as long as they are a member. They can also download it as a printable PDF.

After linking this is how it will show in their plan list while logged in.

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