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Fixed Length Memberships

Fixed price and length membership plans for one off sales

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This model involves creating fixed length memberships that are not recurring, some of your target market may be uncomfortable with committing to recurring payments (monthly, weekly) etc and would prefer just to pay a one off price for a fixed membership period. Fixed period memberships are also good for marketing as gift options. Access to a health and fitness community could be a great gift. 

Manual Benefits

  • Email Support

  • Email Coaching

  • Skype/phone (or other) Consultations eg (1 x 30 min Skype per month)

Automated Training Tilt benefits

  • Access to resources (tips, videos, articles, downloads)

  • Access to workout library (by checking the allow member access check box in the workout library)

  • Community Forum

  • Chat and Social groups

  • Access to Template Training Plans (access to x number of Training Plans)

  • Mobile apps

  • Product Discounts (by creating custom page in TT and adding your affiliate product discount codes with the page editor tools)

  • Discounts on Training Plans (via member only discount configuration of products)

  • Discounts on other Products  (via member only discount configuration of products)

Set up

A typical pricing set up for 3 different tiers might look like this. How you actually decide on prices will depend on demand for your existing services, the size of your current audience and your perceived level of "authority" within your audience and compared to your competitors. The pricing here is indicative only and could vary greatly depending on those factors. The important thing is getting the balance right with the difference in pricing between each of the plans so they all provide a similar value. And always remember "Price is what you pay, value is what you get".

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