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Generating Revenue
Generating Revenue from your Site
Generating Revenue from your Site

Different ways to generate revenue from your site

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Training Tilt provides the features for fitness professionals to grow their revenue with e-commerce, systems and automation. However the tools are very flexible so there are many options. It's not an easy task when considering pricing and structuring your products and membership plans to get the most out of the platform. This section of the support centre is designed to try and help you with pricing models and strategies that may suit your business best.

Earning Money

As an introduction there are a number of ways to gather revenue through the platform

The Online Store

This is an e-commerce solution and within the platform you can connect with a number of payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal and 2Checkout. Stripe is our preferred gateway because of it's superior tools which enable us as a third party platform to create much more rich experiences for both vendors (you) and your clients.

In the online store you can add any sort of physical products you wish and nutrition and promotion apparel are typical products in the fitness industry. Additionally you can offer your training and meal plans built inside the platform as products. When a plan is in the store as a product it's automatically downloadable or linkable to a customers account after purchase.

Membership Plans

This is the real core of the Training Tilt platform. Automating sales of memberships to customers where you can provide access to your Training Tilt resources through recurring or fixed length memberships. This enables you as a fitness professional to build resources into the platform like videos, articles, tips, recipes and training plans then sell those to customers over and over again without having to individually spend time with each customer. Recurring automated memberships will enable you to scale your business by reaching a much larger number of clients while still maintaining a core or one-on-one clients if you wish.

Payment Requests

Sometimes you just need to get paid. You can use your Stripe account with Training Tilt and send a payment request to clients, contacts or just an email address.

When you create the payment request Training Tilt sends it off to the client so they can just click the pay now link and pay securely with debit and credit cards online straight into you Stripe account. When they've paid we send them a receipt and we update the payment request in your Training Tilt order history as being paid.

With Stripe and Training Tilt combined you can receive payments in almost any currency from almost anywhere in the world.

Read more about how to send payment requests

Pricing Strategies

Here are some pricing strategies we know work well. Which one(s) you choose will depend on your business and your approach to marketing and sales etc. There is no reason why you shouldn't experiment with all of these options or even adapt or combine them to best suit your needs. Although we know these are successful strategies the level of success you achieve will ultimately depend on your sales and marketing efforts.

Simple Multi Tier Memberships

Fixed Length MembershipLow Priced Base Memberships with one off up sells

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