How Coupons Work

Coupons can be used for your customers to get discounted access to your membership plans.

Rule of thumb: For coupons for the recurring portion of a membership plan create the coupon directly inside your Stripe account. For coupons that apply to a startup fee or a fixed length membership create a coupon inside your Training Tilt site.

Note: Currently coupons can only be used for your customers to apply against either "startup fees" on a recurring membership plan or the "fixed price fee" of a fixed length membership plan. Additionally these can only be used for membership plans using the Stripe payment gateway.

We've implemented this as a workaround as Stripe don't currently support applying their coupons against one-off charges. You can still use a Stripe coupon to give your customers discount on the recurring part of a membership plan. You can create that type of coupon directly in your Stripe account.

Creating Coupons for Recurring Payments

Log in to your Stripe account and select the coupons option under the "billing menu".

When you create a coupon you can specify a name and an id. It is the id field that your customers will need to use when they use a coupon. The name field is for display purpose only.

Coupons for Fixed Length Memberships and Startup Fees

There are two ways to configure a coupon here. Either as a dollar amount in which case the coupon can only be applied against a membership plan with the same currency or a percentage discount which can be applied against a membership plan of any currency.

To create go to the "Coupons" option from the E-Commerce menu.

Coupon Fields

Coupon code: The code your customers can use to get a discount
Currency: The currency the coupon is available to use against products. Coupons can only be used on products with the same currency
Discount Amount: The amount in dollars that the discount is for. (either discount amount or discount percentage can be used, not both)
Discount Percentage: The discount amount as a percentage (either discount amount or discount percentage can be used, not both)
Maximum redemptions: The total number of times his coupon can be used. (across all customers)
Expiry date: The date the coupon will become invalid

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