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Changing your website page titles and descriptions
Changing your website page titles and descriptions

You can change your website page titles and description fields so Google knows what to show in their search results for each page

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It is possible to change the default page title for you site. When your site was first created we used your business name to set the title but it is possible to change it.

The page title is what appears in the top of your browser and is used by google when presenting your page in search results.

To change this, click on Settings from your dashboard.

Next, go to Platform Settings.

There are two different places you can click to get to the SEO and Google Analytics.  Click on one of those. 

Click on "Edit" for the Default Browser Page Title.  

Now, edit the name then click Save.

You should actually have seperate page titles and descriptions for each of your website pages, this way Google can display more relevant information when displaying search results. You can set these up for each page on the Menu Customizations tab of the platform settings page.

Page titles should be no longer than 70 characters and descriptions no longer than 155 characters.

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