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Choosing your online store payment gateway
Choosing your online store payment gateway

The platform supports multiple payment gateways. Each payment gateway has a different setup process

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You have a choice of payment gateways for the online store. We recommend Stripe as it has the most advanced functionality, but if you cannot use Stripe, Paypal is also supported.

From your TT platform, click on Settings.

Go to the platform settings page.

Select the Payments tab.

You can set your payment gateway in the Payment Gateways section.

This will set the payment gateway for your store. Your membership plans are not affected by this setting and Payment gateways can be set individually for each of your membership plans.

Configuring Your Gateway

One you've chosen your gateway you need to connect or configure it.

How to connect to the Stripe payment gateway

Selling Training and Nutrition Plans in your Store

Once you've set up your store you can start adding products. It's also possible to add your Training and Nutrition plans to the store built with the planning tools.

How to sell a training plan in the online store

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