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How to add a product to your store
How to add a product to your store
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Training Tilt comes built in with it's own e-commerce online store. You can sell physical products, digital downloads and even training plans mapped to your Training Tilt training plans.

Selling online memberships is a separate feature see the documentation for that here

Before you start make sure you've setup your payment gateway correctly. Search the help documents for "payment gateway"

Creating Product Categories

First you need to create some product categories.  Log into your TT platform and click on "E-Commerce." 

Next, click on "Product categories." 

You can add some categories or edit the categories you already have.

You are free to add whatever categories you like. eg nutrition, training plans, e-books. These are used by customers when filtering the products in your store so it's important that they clearly define the types of products you have in your store.

Creating a product

To create a product got to the Products item from the E-Commerce


Add a name, category and description of your product


Set the price, currency, discount for logged in members (if any). You can also make downloadable products or training plans free for logged in members.


Add shipping rates, the customer will be able to select the appropriate shipping rate when they purchase the product.


These can be anything from size, color, style etc. Each different option will create a dropdownlist for the customer to select from. Eg each "Size" option will appear in the same dropdown list. Each "Fit" option will appear in a different dropdown list.

If you want the product to be a file download, a training plan download or linked to a membership plan then select the appropriate option.


Upload any images you have, The first image will appear in the list/search view of products. All the images will appear on the detail page of the product.

After saving your product it will now appear in the store page. You can turn on the store page from the menu settings tab from the platform settings page.

After you've saved your product it will appear automatically in your store. If you want to temporarily hide your product from the store then select the "out of stock" option on pricing tab. You can also hide a product from the store using the "hide" option. Search "hidden products" in the support docs search for more details.

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