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How to add new pages and menu items
How to add new pages and menu items

You can add as many pages to your website as you like.

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To customize your menus; login and go to Settings.

Next, go to the platform settings 

Click on any of the two "Menu Customizations" buttons. 

You can untick the item to hide it

Edit the text to customize it. 

You need to click the "Save menu settings" button after making any changes. 

To edit the actual content on the page, you can click the "Open Page" which will open the correct page for you to edit. 

There are two sections, the "Public site menu customizations" and the "Member site menu customizations" scroll down the page a bit to see the member site section.

You can use the arrows to move the items up and down to change the order in which they appear in the menu

And you can use the add buttons to add new menu items

You can also add child menu items to any custom items you add (but not to the default items)

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the term for building your website to help improve your search rankings in search engines like google.

Two of the most important factors in SEO are appropriate page titles and meta description tags on your pages. They do not necessarily improve your search rankings, but they are used by google to decide what to display when your page is returned by a search. And how they are displayed is extremely importing and improving your click through rate (ctr). A user will click on the search results based on the title and description.

Editing Page Titles and Descriptions

You can now edit each of your public pages title and meta description fields to help with your Google search results

For the best SEO titles should be less than 70 characters and descriptions less than 155. If they are any longer then google will truncate them when displaying them to a user so will appear as though they are cut off or not full sentences. We've restricted the length of the fields to help you ensure titles and descriptions are not too long.

You should ensure that all of your pages have specific and relevant titles and descriptions.

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