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How to choose which widgets to display on your site
How to choose which widgets to display on your site

How to pick the widgets to display on your website and in your private members area

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Choose your widgets! You can choose which widgets to show on your home page, you public site pages and your members area

Don't use Strava? then hide the widget. Want to show you your latest articles on your public site home page? want to allow your athletes to login to Training Peaks directly from your website or the members landing page? Use the widget configurator to choose which widgets to show where.

Now log into your Training Tilt platform.  From the dashboard, go to Settings.

Go to Platform Settings

Next, go to Widget Settings.

Go through the list of widgets and place a check mark on all of the widgets you want active.

Click Save.

How to reorder widgets

If you're not happy about the order of your widgets, don't worry!  You can change the order of your widgets.

First, uncheck all of them then save it. 

Then one at a time in order add them back and save each time. 

Do the same for the second and save. 

Follow the same instructions for the each  widget in the order you want them to appear until you've completed adding all the widgets.

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