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How to configure Paypal for your online store
How to configure Paypal for your online store

How to setup Paypal and your PDT token for your online store and membership plan sales

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To enable the online store in Training Tilt you need to configure one of the supported payment gateways. This article describes how to retrieve your PDT token (Identity Token) from your Paypal account and insert that token into your Training Tilt settings.

You may have some issues finding the correct page in Paypal as they have different views depending on which country your Paypal account is based. You should be able to go directly to the page by following this link. Just make sure you are logged in first.

  1. Under the "Auto Return" option switch "Auto Return" to "On" and enter your Training Tilt Website address

  2. Under the "Payment Data Transfer" option switch it to "On"

  3. Ensure that "Paypal Account Optional" is set to "On" so that customers can pay with Credit cards

  4. Click Save.

Your PDT token (Identity Token) should now be displayed to you. Copy the token.

Now login to Training Tilt and click "E-Commerce" > "Payments & Orders" > "Configure Payment Gateway"ย 

Enter your paypal username in the "Paypal Account" setting and Click "Save"
Enter your Payment Data Transfer (PDT) token (Identity Token) you just created into the "Paypal PDT token" setting and click save.

If you want Paypal to be the default gateway for your store follow this guide to set Paypal as the gateway.

You are now ready to start selling from your Training Tilt Website. See the related articles below on how to manage your store and payment gateway

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