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How to configure your social media feeds
How to configure your social media feeds

How to setup Facebook, Twitter and Strava feeds

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It's easy to integrate your social media channels into your public and members websites. We currently support a number of different social media channels


Go to the Facebook page you wish to use for the Facebook widget on your site. This must be a Facebook "Page". as opposed to a personal "Timeline". Check here to learn more about Pages vs Profiles. Copy the full URL (web address) from the address bar.

Now log in to Training Tilt and go to the settings page. 

Navigate to the Social Media settings and find the "Facebook Page URL" setting. Click edit and paste in the URL you copied in step 1. Then click "Save".


To activate your own twitter list in the Twitter list widget you need to change the Twitter Username setting and the Twitter List setting (don't include the @ symbol in your user name). Login to Training Tilt, Go to the settings page and change both of these settings. You must first have created a list within your Twitter account. See the Twitter documentation for more information on how to do this. If you list name has spaces in it please add a hyphen instead of the place when you configure it inside Training Tilt eg My twitter list should be my-twitter-list. Remember the twitter widget will only work if both of these settings are correctly configured.Note: You need to ensure you add yourself to the the twitter list for your tweets to show up. Twitter recently disabled the ability to add yourself but you can work around it by following this simple trick.


Configuring the Strava feeds is a little bit trick so pay close attention to the detail of the screen shots. If you need further help with this please email us and we will be happy to help

You need to have setup a Strava Club in order to customize the Strava widgets. Otherwise feel free to Join the Training Tilt Strava club.

Go to the Strava club page of the club you have created and click on the "Share Club Activities" button

Now copy the entire section of code from the Activity Widget section highlighted below.

Now this is the tricky part. Open notepad or word or any other word processing type document and paste the code you copied from step 3. Now you can see the code, you need to just copy the important section of it as highlighted in the image below. You need to copy the text highligted in yellow starting with http and ending before the ?

Now Log in to Training Tilt, Go to the settings page and navigate to the "Strava Team Stream" setting in the Social Media section. Click edit, replace the current setting and then click save.

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